Discover Torchon III (deel 3 van drie) - Ulrike Voelcker

Vol.3 is a loose leaf book in plastic. This is the third part of three parts. 142 pages, full colour, about 75 prickings, German and English. It is a workbook written for lacemakers with basic bobbin lace knowledge. Part 1: 'Discover Torchon' covers all the skills in detail with loads of great patterns. Part 2 : 'Explore Torchon' has bigger prickings. It is based on the part 1, but could be used as an independent collection of prickings as well. This part has Scarves etc. Part 3 : 'Master Torchon' published in 2013 will help to deepen a real knowledge about Torchon lace. There are exercises with solutions. All parts have so many nice patterns that all lacemaker should find something interesting. Wonderful patterns, diagrams and instructions by this well known designer. 

Ulrike Voelcker has been a professional lace teacher for 33 years. Author of many books, she has traveled throughout much of the world teaching bobbin lace. She has a broad interest in continuous and free bobbin lace techniques plus her studies in art. A perfect technique is her main goal. She takes part in exhibitions and competitions across Europe.


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